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A Cyberbullying Lesson for Elementary Students

2013 January 25
by SSedro

Early I posted about the digital privacy lesson I used with my fourth grade classes.  After that lesson I went on to use the cyberbullying lesson I have detailed in this post.


Before we meet on the carpet students open their blog post titled My Online Life. At the start of the year, they created that post.  In it they listed our school’s core values as headings. Beneath those headings they listed what they already knew about being safe and respectful online.  After that lesson, students have added their new learning into the blog post using a different font color.

To start our cyberbullying lesson we view a PSA video titled The Talent Show. Like the Bulletin Board video from the earlier lesson, the PSA channel no longer has these videos.  All the copies I’ve found in You Tube are a bit blurry but still worth using.


I use this Google Presentation as my visual as we discuss the important terms of cyberbully, target, bystander and upstander.


Next they play the Evolve game in  Refer to the Digital Privacy lesson for more information on Digital Passport.  In this game, they make choices that allow their character to evolve into a bystander and to know how to get  help if they are being bullied.

Digital Passport


As they finish playing the game and writing on their blogs, we check what they have written on their blog post, stretching students whose answers don’t show a rich understanding of the information.

At the end of class, I show them this video.  If time permits I play it once through, then play it again stopping throughout to think aloud or have students turn and talk to identify the bully, the target, the bystanders and the upstander.  With each class I have found it to send a powerful message.

If time permits, I follow it with this video since it sends such a positive message of empowerment.

2 Responses
  1. Josee Marshall permalink
    January 26, 2013

    Great lesson – as always! Thank you for sharing not only your students’ experience, but also your materials. I was glad to see you were using ‘The Talent Show’ & ‘The Bulletin Board’ with your 4th graders. I’ve also used them and similar ones (but not the after school kitchen scene) but wish there were guidelines set on age appropriateness by a group at our school. Sometimes I feel like playing it safe and sticking to Phineas & Ferb. 😉

  2. SSedro permalink*
    February 23, 2013

    Thanks Josee! I’m glad you found them useful. (But don’t give up on Phineas & Ferb- we all need a good laugh.) What age(s) are you working with right now?

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